How To Claim Windscreen Damages From Your Insurance Provider

A vehicle’s windscreen is one of its most vital exterior parts as it provides visibility to drivers which keep them alert, aware and safe on the road. Vehicle owners take a lot of care in ensuring that their windscreen is clean, clear and fully functional at all times. However, because of their significant exposure, windscreens are prone to a lot of damage from not just road accidents, but extreme weather conditions such as hailstorms, strong winds and sometimes thunders. A lot of vehicle owners frequently contemplate adding the windscreen damage cover extra to their existing motor vehicle insurance plan for this reason, and many of them already go ahead and take the plunge. Here is how to claim windscreen damage on your motor vehicle insurance cover:

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The first step is to look at the product disclosure scheme of your motor vehicle insurance policy to see if it covers for windscreen damage. A lot of providers do add windscreen cover by default whilst others do not do so. If your current motor vehicle insurance policy does not cover for windscreen damage, then you may wish to add that extra depending on a number of factors. Consider what type of roads you normally drive on. If you frequently drive off road, on four wheel drives, travel interstate by road and park your vehicle overground frequently, your windscreen may be more susceptible to damage, which may make getting the windscreen extra a worthwhile investment. It also depends on the current market value and the make and model of your vehicle and the cost of the extra relative to your premium payment.

Next, obtain a quote for damages and estimated costs by a reputed and professional windscreen specialist company. Yellow Pages, social media, word of mouth and websites such as gives you a list of well-known windscreen companies depending on your location.

You now need to evaluate the costs of various options. If the cost of repairing the windscreen damages as per the quote is almost the same as the excess on your insurance policy, you may or may not choose to lodge a claim with your insurance company. Lodging a claim may impact your no claim bonus which may increase your premium thereafter. However, if the damages and costs are significantly higher than your excess, then it is worth lodging a claim.

Once you have lodged a claim with your motor vehicle insurance company, they will refer you to their recommended partner windscreen repairers who will take care of your repairs. You can also opt to choose your own windscreen repairer, pay the cost of repairs and claim it back from your insurance company.

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